THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes YouTube

THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes YouTube


Few sketches with final work... didnt like car in the end. was tired to draw more) as usual......
p.s some initial drawing for my friend Che.

Japanese dead city.

Took me about 2 hours. Didnt know what i wanted to paint in the beginning, just random flow of thoughts.


Seems that i go all the way black&white today ) Hope youll like this one !


Wish you best people !


just random sketches from last night, trying to  study some values. fucking concept is difficult. light, shadow intensity reflections etc. hope i gonna learn in soon. wish i had more time to practice.


Something interesting out there:


some crap ive been scratching on a wacom

Fried Chicken Projections.

I was quite happy today when I saw this. In the beginning I couldnt really figure out whats that and why. Only looking closer at his webpage i realised that they are projections of random fastfood cafes around london probably in places where they shouldnt be. Makes you think a little.

Here you go: Jorge Mañes Rubio


Ironing clothes is such a fucking drag. I hate it. I wonder if clothes actually getting in normal condition without ironing after few minutes of wearing it? I have an iron phobia if any of my family members asking me to do that shit again... > - /

mt 03

drew a little thing today. been thinking about the bike i really really want. yamaha mt 03. so good. anyway, u judge


havent been posting in ages... i guess its all summer holidays with its parties and booze. havent been doing much drawing either. but here few fast sketches. i need improvement.


well, summer has come and im not doing shit exept from fucking around, going to the beaches and drinking. its sad in a little way that i dont have much internet and painting/sketching/drawing activity. but hopefully i gonna be doing something in a while. need to have a proper break from the busy life. ciao


I just bumped on this somewhere in youtube. I think its a great video. It is indeed all I need to know about football. Great soundtrack, Great effects. My mood certainly got better after watching this thing here, enjoy:

Pulp Fiction.

I would bet that this was one of the greatest films in the last century.
Absolutely love Pulp Fiction and this quote, the facial expression, acting, passion, fuck i dont know what else to say, just too good !


Maybe I should put this image in my portfolio?
(zoom in for details)

By the temple

Latest artwork. Old forbidden alien temple made out of rock with 3 towers around it. Rescue team observing the canyon in order to find anyone in need. (watch in HQ - click on image)


Recent concept drawings, summer is coming ! Cant wait to go back home and get on my bike, racing feel is boiling in the blood i guess haha ))) Enjoy !