havent been painting anything in ages. mainly relaxing over here now.. but give me some time and i'll get back to business !! ;)


Hi people! Summer is here and I'm home together with a bike. Lovely weather and views are totally amazing. Took this one while riding today, I thought it was worth posting it here. Cheers

Fried Fried Fried

hehe well, I dont normally post pictures of food in fact i hate it, but shit these ones are looking good. back home for summer. so i cook. Fried Dumplings Russian style. very nice !
if any of you guys speak russian or actually just google translate it you can check out this recipe:

some practice

trying out new brushes, something retarted and an ugly chick... not really in a mood

Princess and a bot

Just a little new thing from me, took me quite a while, hope you guys like...
Pretty self explanatory so I think I just shut up for now : )


tried drawing something, but at some point just got tired.. here is a rough bot with hugh cannon

Robot guy

been drawing this over friday, then a friend called to go out... well, so i havent finished... and im too lazy to finish it up properly, so thats as far as i got.......