some crap ive been scratching on a wacom

Fried Chicken Projections.

I was quite happy today when I saw this. In the beginning I couldnt really figure out whats that and why. Only looking closer at his webpage i realised that they are projections of random fastfood cafes around london probably in places where they shouldnt be. Makes you think a little.

Here you go: Jorge MaƱes Rubio


Ironing clothes is such a fucking drag. I hate it. I wonder if clothes actually getting in normal condition without ironing after few minutes of wearing it? I have an iron phobia if any of my family members asking me to do that shit again... > - /

mt 03

drew a little thing today. been thinking about the bike i really really want. yamaha mt 03. so good. anyway, u judge


havent been posting in ages... i guess its all summer holidays with its parties and booze. havent been doing much drawing either. but here few fast sketches. i need improvement.