Starting from zero.

Hi all,

You know, sometimes you have those days when you look at something you do and you realise that its just shit and doesnt work at all. : / Usually this happens when you try to compare your work with the work of someone who is in the end trying to do the same thing as you but hes much better, much more professional and dedicated to it.

I guess thats kind of what happen to me yesterday when I bumped into this person:
And I have to say, it totally changed my whole thinking about what I'm doing and how am I doing it. I saw the work that has been done by this person starting from zero but with a very strong motivation and dedication to his art, and i dont want to mean art as THE ART but i guess what i mean is just his technic, sort of not what he does but how he does it. 

Obviously I always knew that in order to succeed in a certain field doesnt matter what it is you need to practice and study more more more and more, I would actually think that in order to always float above all others you never have to stop studying even if you already on top theres always a space for improvement. 

Why I started talking about all those philosophical things? Well, I think its time for me to stop being lazy and start bringing what I do on a next level. And the only way to do it is to study study study objects, fotos, lightening, perspective, composition and all those little but big aspects of drawing that can give you good outcome if you perfect them and practice often.

Not sured if I will succeed in it but I will try my best.

Thats why I'm staring this blog again to sort of keep track of what im doing and maybe you  can give me some feedback later and help me going the right path !